Shawna (she/her)

Shawna started making and selling jewelry in craft and art fairs. She's grown Geeky Endeavors into a thriving convention booth carrying nerdy accessories from artisan pins to dice.

Tristan (he/him)

Tristan is Shawna's house spouse. He helps in sales and supports the business by keeping folks fed.

Susan (she/they)

Susan is the number one minion. She helps spend Shawna's money, tracking inventory, and building the website.

AJ (they/them)

Sweet and bubbly AJ is here to take your money.

Harlee (they/them)

A true dice goblin, Harlee knows that you always need more dice.

Elsyn (them/them)

A local seamstress, Elsyn makes cat ears and pin banners. They also gig work at the booth during our busiest season.

Shelli (she/her)

Jeep wave! Shelli helps when we need to make blind bags (we need more....)