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Floral Frolic Pins
$15.00 - $20.00

Amanda and Cari are two artists who have been creating and running a business together and independe…

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Locking Back

These pressure release locking backs help prevent you from losing beloved pins off your jacket or ba…

Valor & Vellum
$15.00 - $20.00

Priscilla Wilson is an artist living on the central coast of California. She works for a graphic des…

Geeky Endeavors

We here at Geeky Endeavors aren't the most artistic, so when inspiration strikes, we reach out to ou…

Kira Animals

Kira is a full-time illustrator based in Canada!   KIRASELIXIR is an art, accessory and lifesty…

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Round Metal Dice

Solid metal that rolls and rolls. Rounded edges create a unique feel and experience. The numbers do …

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Spring Into Spring

Whoo! It's been a crazy prep time for us. So many shows lined up for March, and we're only starting

27th Mar 2024

Black Friday

Check out our site for the American open to holiday season after Thanksgiving for a special gift wit

23rd Nov 2023

Colossal North 2023

We're coming up on our last show of the year! Check us out in Green Bay the weekend before Thanksgiv

9th Nov 2023